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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  February 8, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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the north bay ... and the weather warnings for tomorrow. brittneyyou're watching kron four news in prime time. sliding homes... flooded roads... and landslides as the bay area works to clean up after the last storm.... we are bracing for another round. and it is expected to hit hard. thank you for joining us i'm pam moore. and i'm steve aveson. tonight we are tracking the storm damage cleanup with a team of reporters. kron-4's hermela aregawi talked to one woman who used social media to help her get out of a landslide and alecia reid is near the russian river which is on the rise once again. charles clifford is following the cleanup of a destructive landslide. but first kron-4's chief meteorologist brittney ship is timing out the next storm.
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thursday is another strong alert issued.
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as the rainy weather continues, the small community of guerneville is bracing for more flooding. last month..much of the town was submerged after fierce storms pounded the area. tonight.. the russian river is once again dangerously close to topping its banks.kron 4's alecia reid is live in downtown guerneville.. how's it looking out there? this is actually the russian river behind me creeping into a parking lot just under a bridge. and it flooded too parks as well as the backyard of the house next to me.these are all low lying areas so once it's flooded it takes a while for it to clear out.and with the constant rain, the levels just keep increasing. talking to a lot of neighbors, they're used to this. many of them are lifelong residents of
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guerneville.they've been through many storms, so they prepare themselves as best as they can for each storm.this week they're getting pounded with a lot of rain . so they're seeing a lot more flooding than they've seen in a while.the worst storm they can remember was back in the 1980's when the entire downtown area was under water. they're hoping tomorrow will be nothing like it. sot - i live up on the hill but we're all worried...standupfolks here believe they're prepared for tomorrw's dowpour.they expect more flooding, but they're very concerned about downed trees and mudslides. reporting live from guerneville
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also in the north bay... several schools... both public and private... will be closed tomorrow because of the weather... emergency officials say severe rain and winds, mixed with high tide, are expected during the morning commute and will cause traffic gridlock, flash flood warnings and the potential for stunning video out of the north bay, where a mudslide has destroyed a home along a quiet street in san rafael. this was video taken tuesday morning, along mountain view avenue. the home you see here is now considered a total loss. kron 4's charles clifford is live for us tonight in marin with details. charles. . . this is actually the russian river behind me creeping into
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a parking lot just under a bridge. and it flooded too parks as well as the backyard of the house next to me.these are all low lying areas so once it's flooded it takes a while for it to clear out.and with the the levels just keep increasing.talking to a lot of they're used to this. many of them residents of guerneville. through many storms, so they prepare best as they can for each storm.this week they're getting pounded with a lot of rain . so they're seeing a lot more flooding than they've while.the worst storm they can back in the 1980's when the entire downtown area was they're hoping be nothing like it. sot - i live up on the hill but we're all worried... standupfolks here believe they're prepared for dowpour. they expect more flooding, very concerned trees and mudslides.from guerneville
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now to the santa cruz mountains... where a pick- up truck...tossed over the
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highway 17 center median by a mud-slide... has been cleared away. but both northbound lanes of the major thoroughfare...are still closed tonight. and with tomorrow's storm looming... there's a fear additional land could slide onto the roadway. grant lodes has been tracking this story and is here with what drivers need to know...grant. call it the mess in the mountains... the slide came down late yesterday morning...the driver of that pick-up...was lucky to not be serously injured. his truck was flattened... since then...the focus has been on clearing away all that mud and dirt that desceded on 17. and today they brought out a powerful excavator nicknamed the spider...because of nimble nature and arm attachment options. the slide is very unstable....still moving in fact. several big trees had to be knocked down
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before the spider was deployed. it's a slow process. there are hundreds of tons of material to be moved. traffic, which has been moving in both directions, sharing the southbound lanes. the chp hopes to have highway 17 back to normal for monday morning's commute, but with all the additional water set to rain down tomorrow...who knows. kron4's jr stone is in the mountains...he'll joins us with a live report on how things look in the next half hour of kron4 news at eight. tonight... a number of families in the south bay were forced out of their homes.. after a mudslide nearly wiped them a
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moment of mother turned to facebook to call for help.kron 4's hermela aregawi spoke to the family.. she's live in san mateo where they are staying tonight...hermela? hermela live...this family is lucky they made it out without getting hurt.a wall of mud came crashing down on their woman pulled out her phone..and started filming. nat videoeverything just got washed away with mud. i i.. i'm trying to get a hold of everybody. the lines are down. the rays home is in a remote part of los gatos.when a mudslide wiped out part of their home, jennifer ray takes to facebook live during tuesday's storm to spread the wordand call for was 8 in the morning.. and she and her husband john were in bed with their 4 and 2 year old when the ground started to move.sot jennifer rayyou just
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saw all this stuff coming down.all this mud and water and trees and all this other debris.and we just ran outside and i just kept screaming check jessica jessica. my siter.jessica has a 9 month old and is pregnant. she lives in a second home on the property.sot jennifer raymy mom was carrying my daughter. she fell and then we just ran as fast as we could to the jeep and piled everyone the process of escaping the slide.. jennifer, her mom and john fell and injured their legs.sot john rayyou look outside and you watch a lot of hard work. a lot of sacrifice. and things you do for your children literally getting washed the third home on the property.. lives jennifer's dad.sot jennifer that home was my dad's dream. he always wanted him and us to all be on one property... with tears in his eyes he just was
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saying. all my dreams are being washed away right now. hermela live..the silver lining. community is coming together to help the rays and the rest of their family clean up the property and rebuild. jennifer's sister's home is the most damaged.. it was knocked off its foundation.. she says.. if it comes down.. jennifer and john will likely wipe out their home as well. live in san mateoha people all over the bay area are bracing for the next round of storms, while still trying to deal with the damage brought by this last one .... in fairfax, the problem is not just flooding, but landslides. it happened along berry trail, the land gave way... slamming into a home where a mother and son narrowly escaped through a bathroom window... and to their next door neighbors home.
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along canyon road the rushing waters of cascade creek are taking its toll on the street people who live in the area say there is about five to six feet of the road that fell into the creek. and with many of the roads washed out... it makes it diificult for people with disabilities who are trying to get out of the danger zones. with hillsides already saturated people in the area are doing their best to prevent any more damages before the next storm rolls through. in the east baya downed tree and power lines have closed a stretch of diablo road in danville. police say the large tree fell sometime early this morning....bringing down power lines with it. while p-g-&e crews make repairs... people who live in the area were being allowed to use the road.... but others were
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being turned back.. crews say the road will remain least untill midnight an accident turns life- threatening in seconds. ahead at eight.. the two men who jumped into action to save a driver submerged in water plus. hit hard by plus. plus. hit hard by the first a south bay community is bracing for more....saying they're afraid ahead of tomorrow's rain.. and next. hundreds still without power in the east bay. we talk to neighbors who are getting by in the dark.
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p-g and e crews have been working all day restoring power following this latest round of rain.tonight...nearly 200 people are still in the dark in walnut creek.kron 4's lydia pantazes spoke with people trying to get by..without electricity. you can see the work going on behind me...crews have been out here all day and they're expected to be here until about 11pm.this outage is off bancroft road & minert road in walnut creek.power went out at 8:29 this morning.right now there are 196 customers affected.according to pg& the outage was caused by trees that fell into the power pole. we spoke with a couple who lives here and says they expected their power to be
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back on this afternoon...but the latest update on the website says 11:pm tonight. "were making sure that the refrigerator stays closed and freezer stays closed, if it's going to be very much longer, things will start going bad." "i had to get bread out of the freezer because we didn't have anything to eat and i couldn't put toast in the toaster, the toaster wouldn't work! then i could go out to run errands because my garage door wouldn't work, we really are dependent on our electricity so we'll be glad when they finally get the power on for us."there was another outage down the street, also on bancroft but we spoke to people who live there who say their power has been restored. reporting in walnut creek lydia pantazes kron4 news. the wild weather is creating some treacherous conditions out there on the roads. cars skidding and sometimes even crashing. but one accident in the east bay turned into a life- or- death situation. clayton wiedemann was working nearby when he heard he crash. a
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car flipped over and submerged in a fast rising creek near san ramon. so he and his friend, dan rich, acted quickly... grabbing a pick axe to pry the door open and free the driver trapped inside. knew it" chp investigators say, the 20-year-old driver suffered only minor injuries... thanks to the two bay area heroes. the barrage of storms this winter...have damaged lake oroville's spillway in butte county. this video shows chunks of concrete have eroded from the spillway. the hole is 200-feet-long...and 30- feet - deep. the department of water resources
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stopped the flow of water out of the reservoir yesterday... so inspections could happen. experts say there is no danger of the dam itself failing...but repairs to the spillway need to be made. lake oroville is still only at 80 percent capacity. so there is plenty of space for runoff to fill the reservoir. toss weather thursday is another strong alert issued.
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worries of more flooding on the peninsula .. after the "le mar" mobile home park in redwood city flooded yesterday. today, the residents cleaned up and told kron 4's gabe slate that they fear what tomorrow will
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bring .. with the expected heavy rains. nats - this is what it looked like tuesday at the le mar mobile home park in redwood city before the public works department brought in their big pumps an sucked out the water. sot - it's like you need a boatdenise has lived here for 30 years she says whenever it rains real hard it floods. sot - like 3-4 feet high 44 mobile homes are here with over 150 residents. the elevation is lower here and they are directly behind this canal . when it rains this over flows and dumps water into the mobile home. the city and the owner have built a fence, added sand bags, installed a water pumpwhich residence say has really helped cut down on the flooding but it still happens here is video from tuesday when the canal spilled over. it finds a way through the sandbags and under the fence to drain into the mobile home park. sot - maribel maribell lives here. like most of the residents i talked to she is tired of the flooding and wants to move out.. but the cost of living in the bay area is keeping them stuck.sot - denise denise and the others
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here are really worried about the next storm coming on thursday. sot - denise in gs sig out new ahead at 8. why you could soon get a ticket for speeding through a traffic light.. and next. what a new report is revealing about the ghostship warehouse fire .. where 36 people perished in oakland.
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here's what we're tracking tonight at ten.... drug use in the suburbs is not new... but the problem with herion is getting worse here in the bay area.tonight at ten...kron 4's vicki liviakis introduces us to a group of people on a mission to help áteen users kick the's a story you won't want to's new tonight on kron 4 news at ten.
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♪ ♪ the hydrogen fueled mirai. its only emission is water. toyota. let's go places. big news from oakland tonight... on the
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ghost ship warehouse fire ... we now know that the warehouse was well known to oakland police and firefighters ... long before last december's deadly fire. natit's all in the police reports ... part of a 600=page document file released by oakland city officials.they knew there were illegal raves going on there.they knew people were living there february of 2015 officers responded to a tenant complaint from a woman living there.the report describes it as illegal shared housing.the police mediated the dispute and left without citing anyone. a few weeks later another complaint, this one from a passerby complaining of an illegal rave with drug and alcohol sales.again the responding officer made no arrests and issued no citations ... even though police had to be called back to make sure everyone had left the ten years there were eighteen police calls to the warehouse address and the
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vacant lot next door. firefighters also responded to three calls, for emergency medical treatment.most of those details have been blacked out.there are no reports of building inspections in the past ten we have reported before, city inspectors visited the site weeks before but were unable to gain access. we have posted more about this story online. you can read all of the ghostship documents ... right now at kron-4 dot com. ahead at eight.. california taking special steps to help refugees... how the state plans to make the state more welcoming. plus. initially denied entry into the country for life-saving surgery.. an update on an iranian baby effected by the president's travel ban. and next. we are following the massive landslide in the south bay.. which is still blocking part of a popular highway. a live report after the break
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crews look up at a massive landslide as they work to clear huge rock and debris from highway 17. the northbound lanes have been closed since yesterday. it appears that they could be closed for sometime too. kron 4's j.r. stone is live tonight near scott's valley. j.r. what is it looking like out there?
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still a traffic lib to votraffic backup up for hours along highway 17..drivers frustrated foggy and wet continues.
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thank you j-r for that report. and you can see that new storm starting to show up on the radar tonight. kron-4's chief meteorologist brittney shipp joins us now... she is timing out the next round of rain. brittney.?
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thursday is another strong alert issued.
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state lawmakers are trying to make california a more welcoming place for refugees... so today, lawmakers announced new bills which would grant refugees in- state tuition and provide money to school districts with large refugee populations. one bill will also give some refugees who helped the u-s in iraq and afghanistan... priority enrollment in public colleges. this announcement comes ... as the federal government is fighting
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in court to reinstate a suspension of the country's refugee program. now an update to a story we first brought you last week. the iranian baby-- barred from an american hospital because of president trump's travel ban-- is finally in a hospital in the u-s. baby fatemeh reshad arrived at a hospital in portland, oregon yesterday. the four-month old infant was admitted for a life-saving procedure to treat a heart defect. she had been scheduled to meet with doctors in portland on sunday... but the family says they were rerouted back to iran because of the president's ban. it took a combined effort from doctors .. state and federal officials... and several legislators before secretary of state rex tillerson granted the waiver. doctors in portland say fatemeh looks well... and early results were promising. civil rights activist rev. jesse jackson ... made a stop in the bay area today.he spoke at the university of san francisco ..
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as part of the school's african american history celebration. he also talked about the drama surrounding the senate confirmation for jeff sessions as attorney general. last night, massachussetts senator elizabeth warren was forced into silence on the senate floor. she had been reading out loud from letters .... including one from the widow of dr. martin luther king jr. that letter criticized the record of jeff sessions on voting rights . today, during the question and answer session... kron four asked reverend jackson about his take on senator warren being silenced. the reverend pointed out that senator bernie sanders read the letter today.
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jackson added... that letter points to just one reason sessions should not have been appointed attorney general. still ahead at 8. where you might soon be automatically ticketed for speeding. and next. indian food with a twist. vicki liviakis introduces us to the food truck cooking up creations that sell like hot cakes.
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a local guy who founded "curry up now" food truck .... is now the recipient of forbes magazine's 30 under 30. he is recognized for launching a business ..with food that is selling like hot cakes. tonight on dine and dish - vicki liviakis jumps onboard to find out his secret recipe to success.
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you already know about red light cameras... but now, there is a new push to use those cameras to enforce the speed limit. san francisco and san jose officials joined forces today in calling for california to use the cameras for speed enforcement. officials say speed is the biggest factor in predicting whether someone will survive a crash. and that speed cameras have been proven to reduce speeding and change driver behavior. the proposed
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legislation would only allow the cameras to be used on streets where crashes have lead to injuries or death. and drivers going more than 10 miles per hour over the speed limit will be hit with a 100-dollr fine. in sports... an ugly incident mars the knicks game at madison square garden...... and the 49ers new head coach has arrived to a heros welcome... gary has that... and all the sports... coming up
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the kyle shanahan era is officially underway for the san francisco he arrived in the bay area touching down and being greeted on the tarmac by team ceo jed york and new general
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manager jonhn lynchthe team tweeted out the airport photos shanahan then arrived at 49ers headquarters to a cheering mass of team employees who he addressed immediatelyshanahan also sent out an early message to the 49er faithful
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steph curry usually tries to avoid any political to
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avoid any usually tries steph curry steph curry usually tries to
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avoid any political conversations, but the mvp made his thoughts known on president donald trump.he was asked in an interview about his take on the ceo of under armour kevin plank voicing support for president trump... and calling him an asset.curry said "i agree with that description if you remove the áe-t' from asset." curry is one of under armour's biggest endorsers...and reportedly discussed this with plank.he says that plank told him his opinion is from a business perspective...and this doesn't ruin curry's relationship with the company. this was an ugly scene at madison square garden during tonight's kicks-clippers game charles oakley who played for the knicks for 10 seasons and is one of that franchise's most-beloved players got into a shoving match with stadium security and had to be escorted off the floor and into the tunneloakley was handcuffed and said, ""i didn't do nothing! dolan did this...this is bullsáááá." he was evidenty upset aout being left
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out of the team's upcoming 70th annaversary celebration knicks president phil jackson who coached oaklay as an assitant with the chicago bulls had to go to the tunnel in an attempt to calm him downthe knicks released a statement saying oakley was arrested today warriors owner joe lacob recounted a recent conversation he had with michael the 6-time nba champion took a shot at win season. here's lacob in a radio interview with 95-point-7 the game. these comments were made at a dinner with other nba owners. the hall of famer...obviously irked that the warriors broke the his bulls in the lacob said he was hurt by
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tonight at 10 marvel...agents of shield is next. last weather and goodbye
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